An easy way to sell more books

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Nicholas C. Rossis

Effrosyni Moschoudi was the very first one to suggest to me this little trick, and I have since used it with all my books. Now, Jonathan Gunson has written a great post with the same easy way to sell more books, as a comment on a presentation by Goodreads CEO Otis Chandler.

In a survey of Goodreads’ 15 million strong membership, he found that the main driver of eBook purchases was, unsurprisingly, ‘referral by a friend’.  But when a follow-up question was put to readers, another powerful sales strategy for authors emerged.

They were asked:  “What do you want to do when you get to the end of a book?”

The telling response was that 83%wanted tosee what else the author had written.

Here’s the actual slide from Chandler’s presentation:
Goodreads Readers

How Can Authors Take Advantage Of This ‘Show Me More’ Moment?

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Crescent's new Assassin's Revenge series pulls you in from the beginning, with the peculiarity of the main characters having two names. Immediately intrigued, the book progresses quickly as both the action and heat-inducing romance pick up pace. Alexander/Marc and Ellie/Rachel are interesting and fleshed out characters who manage to be both mysterious and revealing at times. With love scenes that left me gasping for breath yet begging for more and characters that I immediately became invested in, this book should be on your must-read list! I for one cannot wait for the next installment. Literally unable to put it down, I read the book in one sitting. It would not surprise me if many of you do the same.

Ennara and the Fallen Druid

Ennara and the Fallen Druid is the perfect fantasy novel to start a young person's journey into the genre. I was immediately under its spell and thought, "I can't wait for my daughter to read this!" Complete with a strong female protagonist, in the form of Ennara, who finds hidden depths and strength within herself over the course of the novel, depictions of strong friendships,  regardless of gender, this book teaches many lessons subtly. Other themes, like the war in us all between the dark and the light are easily seen and progress throughout the course of the book. For all parents who would like to introduce their older children to the fantasy genre, this  is the book to use! It has a vibrant world, amazing descriptive imagery and plenty of action to satisfy even the pickiest of readers. Angela Myron has truly crafted a compelling tale of hope, courage, magic and adventure. I am looking forward to reading this series with my ten year old. Then, we'll play some D&D.