Beyonce’s Grammy Backlash

Beyonce’s Grammy Backlash.

From a friend. Very well put, Matt.


Long time coming

So everyone,

I know that you have been waiting on some reviews and I have four and an interview with an author coming up. My life has just been super hectic. Sick kids, looking for a new job, you name it. However, I have good news. I have made some AWESOME new friends, besides the ones on here and Twitter (you guys rock), since my break up with my boyfriend in November. These people are becoming my salvation. Milissa drags me out of the house when I need it and don’t know it. Mercer is always there to listen and talk to. I’m punching his geek card bit by bit. We all know that friends don’t let friends NOT watch Firefly! =) I’m proud to say my friend Mike started his new job making twice what he was (he’s a veteran and my mother got the job for him because vets stick together)! Hopefully, I will see more of him once his car is fixed. My author friends, you know who you are, James, Jennifer, CG, Scott, Ellis, thanks for the emails, msgs and support. I’m glad to give it back.

Everyone, I really did start this as a forum for YOU. This is to help independent authors get free marketing and advertising. You are amazing, creative people and the world needs to know about you. My life is in transition, but I will be cleaning the virus off of my laptop, enabling me to read one beta read easier, and I am halfway done with Keltor, Jennifer. 

So, in the next few days, or my REALLY long weekend, look for something REAL from me, not drivel. I love you all. May your muses be rich and inspiring and your words flow freely.

Love and Hugs,